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First Event for M and J!

October 11, 2009

We went to our first event tonight as street vendors.  It was quite fun and we learned a ton!  We found a good space and set up our table, networked with a girl and her mom at the table next to us (thanks for all the pointers!), had quite a bit of good feedback, sold a few plush toys, and learned a lot about what people are interested in.

Next time: bring a flashlight or other source of lighting just in case; have some sort of wall display so art is up and hung rather than leaning against a support on a table; have a better way to display shirts;  more sizes of shirts and onesies; MORE PLUSH MORE PLUSH MORE PLUSH!!!!!

2nd Saturday 1

We also learned a lot about territory!  One woman, who never did identify herself, seemed to take offense to street vendors and tried to insist that we move.  But, basically she would have had to clear an entire city block to get what she wanted, which ultimately would backfire as the street vendors helped bring traffic down her block and to her door.

Everyone I have spoken too has never had territory problems so I am not too worried.  But, on the other hand, from what she was saying, and from a flier passed out by a city representative (came around after the first lady), street vendors are *supposed* to get permission from the stores or businesses that they set up in front of.

We were in front of an office that was closed for the weekend.  It looked like maybe a real estate office or some sort of financial office…?  I plan to contact them and ask if we can set up in front of their location.  If they hesitate then I will either go elsewhere or offer to pass out fliers for their biz in exchange for their *official* approval…  We shall see how it goes…


We capped off our evening with sodas and pizza from a local pizza joint…this is JP waiting for our order to be ready to go…


A few alterations to photos makes all the difference!

September 6, 2009

After reading numerous conversations about photography for Etsy, we will be revising all of our photos over the next several days.  WOW!  The few we’ve done already have made a huge visual impact!  From “blah” to “Hey, that’s cute!”

A few updates (click the names to go to the listings):

Lugz the Punk Ugz (full size and in black)

Punk Lugz mailbox

Mr. Snail baby onesie

Mr. Snail on a mailbox

Lugz the Ugz (full size and black)

Lugz close up

And the Winner is…plus a NEW Item!

September 5, 2009

Wondering who won the tip contest for cutting a car tire in half?  Want to know what the tire cutting was all about?  Or, do you want to see the latest item in the M and J Etsy shop?  Well then, read on, my friend!  Read on!

First, the winner of the tip contest, through a random drawing (yep, I wrote everyone’s names down and put ’em in a hat!) RonH from Etsy!  Congrats!  I’ll contact you shortly to determine which color of Mini Lugz the Ugz you would like and how best to ship it to you!

For everyone else, take a moment to visit RonH’s Etsy shop, The Left Side of Paradise.  GORGEOUS wood products.

Now, why was I wanting to cut a car tire in half in the first place???  Well, originally it was to make a flat photo board more interesting.  But, the board was going to be a small clown car for a children’s carnival and I decided that a car tire would just be too big.  I happen to have a tire in my side yard that doesn’t fit my car but I only have one so I wanted to cut it in half to make it look like two when attached to the board.  Instead, I opted for two bicycle tires due to size and time considerations.

Here is a photo of the finished project:

Photo board 3

I also listed a new item in the M and J Designs Etsy shop.  Click HERE to be taken to the listing.

First a photo:  Christian Card 1

This little card started life as an experiment in fabric, stationary, and metallic thread.

The card itself is the palest lilac color, with a matching envelope. Affixed to the front is a rectangle of baby blue felt, stitched with three crosses. The largest, in the center features gold, dark blue, and light blue metallic thread. The two smaller crosses are light blue.

The inside of this card is lined and blank, waiting for your own personal message for the recipient.

GIVEAWAY FOR THE BEST IDEA…Read on for details…

August 29, 2009

How would you cut a steel belted radial tire in half?  It is the tire only (no rims) and I want to cut it so that I end up with 2 circles…a front half and back half.

The person that posts the BEST idea by Midnight on Tuesday, Sept 1, will receive a FREE Mini-Lugz Ugz plush toy. You will have your choice of yellow, red, or cammo.  Mini-Lugz is about 7×7 inches. See it HERE!

The project which the tire will be used in is super secret right now but, if it works, will be revealed on Friday, Sept 4.  Even if it doesn’t work, the person with the BEST idea for cutting the tire in half will still get the prize!

If you found this via Etsy’s Forums, you can comment either here or there…

A photo of the Mini-Lugz, if you don’t want to follow the link above…

Mini Lugz 2a

Hang Tags and New Products!

August 20, 2009

As of today, Wednesday, August 19, I am SEVEN…count ’em…SEVEN projects ahead!  But…still without a new digital camera.

At this point I have:

  • 4 stationary sets
  • 9 onesies
  • 1 full sized Ugz plush toy
  • 3 mini Ugz plush toys

I’ve also created hang tags to go on all of the products for the Etsy store.  They are so stinking CUTE!

The launch date is still set for Monday, August 24th…

A little sneak peek…the hang tags:


A letter from the ugz co-designer

August 16, 2009

Hello everyone! I Just wanted to let you know that the progress with the new Ugz plushie monsters is running smoothly.

See the post two posts below for a picture of the Ugz toy: Lugz.

Thank-you for visiting this blog.

From, J, Co-Designer and creator of Ugz.