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Sooooo long since my last post!

February 17, 2010

Well, we have been quite busy and I’m not the best of bloggers.  Eep!  I have a couple of things to blog about today, however!

First of all, I’ve had a little bout of “I suckitis” which has thankfully come to an end this week!  I was just feeling so overwhelmed with appointments, a little drama with a group I’m in, extra hours at my day job and more.  I’m still super busy this week and for the next several.  But, I’ve scaled back a few things (some out of necessity, some by choice) and have been working to refocus.

I feel like I also got my creative mojo back.  It was hiding under a blanket in a corner of the closet for some reason!  My mojo returned and appears to be channeling Keith Haring, my friend Nicole, and other artists who use either simple lines or simple colors.  When I was a teenager I was madly in love with all things Keith Haring.  I mean, I could not get enough of the stuff….and it began to show in my own art.  My lines were simple and clean, my colors were bold and bright.  Unfortunately, I don’t have much of my own work from that period in my creative life. 😦  But, look at these images and just sit with the simplicity and boldness of it all:

Ain’t it grand?  So simple, so pure!


Recently I became acquainted with the fabulous Nicole Docimo who is also crazy talented and loves to work in bold black and white.  Her work also combines bold with simple, classic with modern.  Take a moment to check out these fantastic pieces.  Then, pop on over to When I Grow Up and enter a giveaway of an Everyday Creative Kit made by Nicole.  Please visit Nicole’s Etsy shop as well for even more great art!

I bought one of the “Ride Bikes” buttons and love it!  I get compliments on it every time people see it on my tote bag!


Later this evening I hope to have a few new items in my Etsy shop and on Zazzle…all featuring simple lines, black and white, and maybe the tiniest splash of color.