Halloween is just around the corner!

Tonight M and J decorated pumpkins for Halloween!  Yay!  We also went to our homeschool group’s first trunk-or-treat party!

Halloween 09 3

J scooping out pumpkin guts.

J carved his pumpkin all by himself this year…a first!  He also went back and forth over wether or not the goo was fun or gross.


Halloween 09 4

J's finished product...

I decided to draw on mine instead of carving.  I plan to turn it into pumpkin pie and muffins later…

Halloween 09 5

Front of M's pumpkin

Sharpie marker on pumpkin is quite fun!

Halloween 09 2

Back of M's pumpkin

This will be J’s first year of not trick-or-treating (his own choice…).  I’m a little sad but it is a great excuse for a mother-son date night.  We are planning to start with dinner out and then will come home to pass out candy for a bit and maybe go out to a movie.

However you spend your Halloween, and wether you celebrate the holiday or not, we hope you have a safe and happy weekend!


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3 Responses to “Halloween is just around the corner!”

  1. Studio M.M.E. Says:

    Very cool pumpkins. I’ve never drawn on mine before but I’ll sure have to next year.

    • maleaab Says:

      Thanks Megan! I’ve been drawing on pumpkins for years. I hate getting the goo from inside under my fingernails and just tried a sharpie one a pumpkin on year and it worked! 🙂 The bumps and grooves make for an interesting challenge. I’ve painted on them in the past as well but really am not as comfortable with a paintbrush.

  2. spin Says:


    Thank you so much for your comment on my blog! 😀 that always makes my day!
    We are unschooling our children too! (9 and 13)

    I love drawing on our pumpkins! Much more then carving. The kids and my husband carve. They have fun with the gooey stuff…..

    Good luck with your studies! 🙂

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