Recent Etsy Purchase…Thank You!

This past Saturday I purchased three items from a fellow Etsian – Kylie Parry.  The BEST and EASIEST online purchase EVER!  Seriously…  The products look exactly like what was promised.  Communication was super fast (I asked a question and had a same day answer…actually within only a few hours!).  And, even with no mail service on Monday (due to Columbus Day in the USA), I received my items today, Thursday!

Really, I can’t imagine a smoother transaction.  And, when I opened the mailbox and saw my little package waiting for me, I was pleased to see a little personal touch on the envelope – a little stamp marking.  Inside, things just got better!  Here is a photo of the package that I pulled out of the envelope:


Do you see the extra little trinket attached to the business cards?  Isn’t that sweet?  So unexpected!

And, inside the box, were my three items:


Help spread the love and visit Kylie’s Etsy shop TODAY!


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2 Responses to “Recent Etsy Purchase…Thank You!”

  1. Studio M.M.E. Says:

    Such a cool package! I love getting things in the mail. Thanks for commenting on my blog. It’s always nice to meet new people who like your work.

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