First Event for M and J!

We went to our first event tonight as street vendors.  It was quite fun and we learned a ton!  We found a good space and set up our table, networked with a girl and her mom at the table next to us (thanks for all the pointers!), had quite a bit of good feedback, sold a few plush toys, and learned a lot about what people are interested in.

Next time: bring a flashlight or other source of lighting just in case; have some sort of wall display so art is up and hung rather than leaning against a support on a table; have a better way to display shirts;  more sizes of shirts and onesies; MORE PLUSH MORE PLUSH MORE PLUSH!!!!!

2nd Saturday 1

We also learned a lot about territory!  One woman, who never did identify herself, seemed to take offense to street vendors and tried to insist that we move.  But, basically she would have had to clear an entire city block to get what she wanted, which ultimately would backfire as the street vendors helped bring traffic down her block and to her door.

Everyone I have spoken too has never had territory problems so I am not too worried.  But, on the other hand, from what she was saying, and from a flier passed out by a city representative (came around after the first lady), street vendors are *supposed* to get permission from the stores or businesses that they set up in front of.

We were in front of an office that was closed for the weekend.  It looked like maybe a real estate office or some sort of financial office…?  I plan to contact them and ask if we can set up in front of their location.  If they hesitate then I will either go elsewhere or offer to pass out fliers for their biz in exchange for their *official* approval…  We shall see how it goes…


We capped off our evening with sodas and pizza from a local pizza joint…this is JP waiting for our order to be ready to go…


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4 Responses to “First Event for M and J!”

  1. Giftbearer Says:

    I used to sell on the street and back when the economy was better and the atmosphere was freer I really enjoyed it and made pretty reliable money but then a local business association began running off all the street vendors with off-duty police officers and that ruined it. I wish people would just live and let live. That would be true private enterprise. All this stuff about territory is a real bummer and I think having street vendors adds to the appeal of an area, so they aught to just let it be.

    • maleaab Says:

      Yes! Absolutely! I have noticed when I’ve attended this event before becoming a vendor that it really is dependent on where you are set up! Thank you for commenting!

  2. Penny Says:

    Congrats on your first event! Your giant monster sign is cute 🙂

    • maleaab Says:

      Thank you Penny! The weather today is reminding that I still have to seal that monster sign! Serious rain here today… The monster is based on my son’s sketch for our plush Ugz monsters.

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