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Halloween is just around the corner!

October 30, 2009

Tonight M and J decorated pumpkins for Halloween!  Yay!  We also went to our homeschool group’s first trunk-or-treat party!

Halloween 09 3

J scooping out pumpkin guts.

J carved his pumpkin all by himself this year…a first!  He also went back and forth over wether or not the goo was fun or gross.


Halloween 09 4

J's finished product...

I decided to draw on mine instead of carving.  I plan to turn it into pumpkin pie and muffins later…

Halloween 09 5

Front of M's pumpkin

Sharpie marker on pumpkin is quite fun!

Halloween 09 2

Back of M's pumpkin

This will be J’s first year of not trick-or-treating (his own choice…).  I’m a little sad but it is a great excuse for a mother-son date night.  We are planning to start with dinner out and then will come home to pass out candy for a bit and maybe go out to a movie.

However you spend your Halloween, and wether you celebrate the holiday or not, we hope you have a safe and happy weekend!


Recent Etsy Purchase…Thank You!

October 15, 2009

This past Saturday I purchased three items from a fellow Etsian – Kylie Parry.  The BEST and EASIEST online purchase EVER!  Seriously…  The products look exactly like what was promised.  Communication was super fast (I asked a question and had a same day answer…actually within only a few hours!).  And, even with no mail service on Monday (due to Columbus Day in the USA), I received my items today, Thursday!

Really, I can’t imagine a smoother transaction.  And, when I opened the mailbox and saw my little package waiting for me, I was pleased to see a little personal touch on the envelope – a little stamp marking.  Inside, things just got better!  Here is a photo of the package that I pulled out of the envelope:


Do you see the extra little trinket attached to the business cards?  Isn’t that sweet?  So unexpected!

And, inside the box, were my three items:


Help spread the love and visit Kylie’s Etsy shop TODAY!

First Event for M and J!

October 11, 2009

We went to our first event tonight as street vendors.  It was quite fun and we learned a ton!  We found a good space and set up our table, networked with a girl and her mom at the table next to us (thanks for all the pointers!), had quite a bit of good feedback, sold a few plush toys, and learned a lot about what people are interested in.

Next time: bring a flashlight or other source of lighting just in case; have some sort of wall display so art is up and hung rather than leaning against a support on a table; have a better way to display shirts;  more sizes of shirts and onesies; MORE PLUSH MORE PLUSH MORE PLUSH!!!!!

2nd Saturday 1

We also learned a lot about territory!  One woman, who never did identify herself, seemed to take offense to street vendors and tried to insist that we move.  But, basically she would have had to clear an entire city block to get what she wanted, which ultimately would backfire as the street vendors helped bring traffic down her block and to her door.

Everyone I have spoken too has never had territory problems so I am not too worried.  But, on the other hand, from what she was saying, and from a flier passed out by a city representative (came around after the first lady), street vendors are *supposed* to get permission from the stores or businesses that they set up in front of.

We were in front of an office that was closed for the weekend.  It looked like maybe a real estate office or some sort of financial office…?  I plan to contact them and ask if we can set up in front of their location.  If they hesitate then I will either go elsewhere or offer to pass out fliers for their biz in exchange for their *official* approval…  We shall see how it goes…


We capped off our evening with sodas and pizza from a local pizza joint…this is JP waiting for our order to be ready to go…