Blog pet peeves…

I just read an interesting thread in the Etsy forums about blog pet-peeves.  They ranged from instantly playing music to light text on a dark background and all topics in between.  One complaint was not enough personal information and photos on blogs.  So, I am going to share a little photo with you…here we are, M and J…  M is “mom” but my real name is Malea.  J is my son, park after tech museumThis picture was taken in a park in San Jose, California, just outside of the San Jose Tech Museum.  It is a great little place if you ever get the chance to visit!  When we went, tickets were only $10 USD which INCLUDES admission to an IMAX movie!  In our hometown IMAX movies, without anything else, cost more than that for one ticket! The exhibits ranged from computer technology to energy conservation and alternative energy production to to water technology.  It was pretty cool and very hands on.  Fun for both JP and I!  In this picture JP is pretending to eat his sour apple rock candy…as soon as the picture was taken he ripped the wrapper off and crunched away at that green, sugary goodness!


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