Preview of what’s to come…

Well, it is T0-Do Tuesday!  And, believe me, there is plenty to do today!  It all starts with a morning of household chores, followed by stenciling, photo taking, uploading to Etsy, a school test for J, more chores, more stenciling and uploading, and a tutoring job for M in the evening (I hope…details are still a bit up in the air!).

I am a total list maker!  I am obsessive over my lists to the point that I sometimes don’t get anything from the list completed but I’m working hard to fix that.  This past weekend I took all of my to-do lists (I usually have several going all at once) and combined them into one master list, broken down into categories.  Much easier to manage but I still haven’t gotten much done from that master list!  Hopefully by the end of “To Do Tuesday” that will have changed!  Stay tuned for an update later in the day…

In the meantime, I am so excited by the latest items being prepared for the M and J Designs Etsy shop that I just had to share a little preview!  The problem with projects that turn out exactly the way you imagine them is that you end up wanting to keep them for yourself!  These beauties are no exception…

A little preview of Mr. Squid

A little preview of Mr. Squid


More UFOs....

More UFOs....


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