And the Winner is…plus a NEW Item!

Wondering who won the tip contest for cutting a car tire in half?  Want to know what the tire cutting was all about?  Or, do you want to see the latest item in the M and J Etsy shop?  Well then, read on, my friend!  Read on!

First, the winner of the tip contest, through a random drawing (yep, I wrote everyone’s names down and put ’em in a hat!) RonH from Etsy!  Congrats!  I’ll contact you shortly to determine which color of Mini Lugz the Ugz you would like and how best to ship it to you!

For everyone else, take a moment to visit RonH’s Etsy shop, The Left Side of Paradise.  GORGEOUS wood products.

Now, why was I wanting to cut a car tire in half in the first place???  Well, originally it was to make a flat photo board more interesting.  But, the board was going to be a small clown car for a children’s carnival and I decided that a car tire would just be too big.  I happen to have a tire in my side yard that doesn’t fit my car but I only have one so I wanted to cut it in half to make it look like two when attached to the board.  Instead, I opted for two bicycle tires due to size and time considerations.

Here is a photo of the finished project:

Photo board 3

I also listed a new item in the M and J Designs Etsy shop.  Click HERE to be taken to the listing.

First a photo:  Christian Card 1

This little card started life as an experiment in fabric, stationary, and metallic thread.

The card itself is the palest lilac color, with a matching envelope. Affixed to the front is a rectangle of baby blue felt, stitched with three crosses. The largest, in the center features gold, dark blue, and light blue metallic thread. The two smaller crosses are light blue.

The inside of this card is lined and blank, waiting for your own personal message for the recipient.


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