GIVEAWAY FOR THE BEST IDEA…Read on for details…

How would you cut a steel belted radial tire in half?  It is the tire only (no rims) and I want to cut it so that I end up with 2 circles…a front half and back half.

The person that posts the BEST idea by Midnight on Tuesday, Sept 1, will receive a FREE Mini-Lugz Ugz plush toy. You will have your choice of yellow, red, or cammo.  Mini-Lugz is about 7×7 inches. See it HERE!

The project which the tire will be used in is super secret right now but, if it works, will be revealed on Friday, Sept 4.  Even if it doesn’t work, the person with the BEST idea for cutting the tire in half will still get the prize!

If you found this via Etsy’s Forums, you can comment either here or there…

A photo of the Mini-Lugz, if you don’t want to follow the link above…

Mini Lugz 2a



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