Calendar check…

I just checked the calendar and M and J Designs is officially 3 projects ahead of the Project-a-Day goal.  WooHoo!!!!  I love being ahead!  But, I have to admit, my organizational skills are lagging this week.  This morning my desk was a wreck, my craft/art closet was a disaster, and my calendar was all in my head.

I wish my camera was working (and no, I did not win the eBay auction I was following…).  I would have loved to take before/after pictures.  I sat down this evening and finished 2 full size Lugz creatures, cleaned off the desk, organized the closet, and put my calendar on paper!

Feels great to look in the closet and see the finished projects lined up and ready to go, see my fabrics and supplies sorted and organized, and to see the desk clear and ready for work.  And, of course, to see each item plotted out on my calendar…I’m keeping track of what I do each day and how far ahead or behind I am.

In other news, I joined an Etsy “Street Team” which is a group of other Etsyans that come together to help promote one another’s work.  Our group is the Sacto-Metro Etsy Street Team.

Here is a list of handy links for my shop and the Street Team:

The street team is talking about having a presence at the Sacramento 2nd Saturday Art Walk and we are discussing doing a backyard show or home show.  If anyone knows of any good venues for us at 2nd Saturday, or if you would like to host a yard or house show, please contact me or a member of the Street Team through this blog or the links above.

Penguin Onesie close upLike Mr. Penguin?  He is one my favorite items in my Etsy shop!  Mr. Penguin loves to make new friends. He also loves to move around but he’s stuck on this white long-sleeved, Carter’s onesie (size 12). Help him get mobile…he loves to waddle around on a toddler’s belly as they crawl, scoot, and walk.

Hand stenciled using Tulip brand fabric paints (permanent, non-toxic, machine washable). Pre-washed, heat-set and re-washed.

For best results: Machine wash in cold with similar items. Tumble dry on low. No bleach. (Comes with cleaning instructions tag, perfect if you give Mr. Penguin as a gift!)

* Carter’s brand onesie
* Long-sleeved
* Size 12 months
* Tulip brand fabric paint

To purchase Mr. Penguin ($17.50 plus shipping and tax if in CA), click HERE.


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