After much thought and a very helpful critique…

I have decided that I won’t upload any new projects to my Etsy site until I have a better camera.  What I’ve got right now takes crap pictures.  Thankfully, I am actually AHEAD of the game in terms of a project-a-day!  Although I only started this blog on August 14, I actually started the Project on August 10.

Projects so far, and with dates:

  • leaves card set 8/10
  • art nouveau card set 8/10
  • snail mail card set 8/11
  • pop flowers card set 8/12 (I almost typed “poop” flowers!)
  • elephant onesie 8/13
  • Mister Man tie onesie 8/13
  • purple flower onesie 8/14
  • purple and green flower onesie 8/14

And, being that I have possibly destroyed my mother’s iron, am out of unprinted onesies, and almost out of blank cards to decorate….I am so glad to be ahead!  I’ve got 8 projects in 5 days…I’m up 3.  I have enough blank cards left to do two more sets and then I have fabric to make shells for some stuffed creatures designed by JP but no stuffing to fill them. I have stencils sketched and ready to be cut and applied but no onesies to apply them to.

In 30 minutes it will be Sunday, 8/16.  My tasks for the day?  Work…at my “real” job…joy of joys!  Actually, I like my job but I’m excited about the Project and would rather stay home with JP and work on that!  After work:  sew shells for a project just for JP, sew shells for two stuffed critters to sell on Etsy, make tags for projects that will be sold, work on some custom orders…

Tasks for Monday, 8/17?  Hit up the children’s resale shop and scoop up as many solid colored onesies and t-shirts as I can.  Sell them some of JP’s outgrown and no longer used stuff and hopefully come out ahead with enough cash to go buy stuffing for the aforementioned critters.  With onesies, t-shirts, and stuffing in hand, head home and blaze away at the stenciling and sewing!  If I can stay on track, I will be able to get ahead by six or seven projects by the end of Monday!

If you are the person that just outbid me on a digital camera on eBay, STOP IT!  I need a new camera!  I need THAT camera!  I need it CHEAP!  Just under 3 days until the auction ends…please, oh please, let it be mine!

Here is a tease of the stuffed critters….this one was made just for JP, based on his design but very similar little guys will go into the Etsy shop in a variety of colors and sizes:



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