Announcing the Launch of Project a Day Through at Least May

Welcome to the new blog “Project a Day Through at Least May!”

This is the blog of a mom and son team with a new Etsy shop. Our shop can be found at: We called our shop M and J Designs which stands for Mom and JP Designs.  Mom is mom aged and JP will be 11 years old this month!

Why a project a day? And why through at least May? What is the point of this?

I (the mom half of the team) have always wanted to open an Etsy shop but lacked the motivation and belief in myself to do so. That is, until I read the book “Julie/Julia” by Julie Powell. My self-belief/motivation meter began to rise a tiny bit but was still sadly low. On August 7th, 2009, I saw the movie “Julie and Julia”, based on the book, based on the blog. My self-belief/motivation meter skyrocketed to the top!

If Julie Powell could cook her way through “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” (volume I, at least) by Julia Child, in just one year, then why can’t I do a project a day and sell them in order to pay for grad school?  I have been fretting about how to pay for a very expensive graduate school without student loans and it hit me, while watching the movie, that I should sell crafty goodness on Etsy just like I’ve always wanted to do!

And thus, the project was born!

Our project is set to go through at least May because we plan to move to New York (where I will be going to school…) next summer.

But, what about my son, JP? How does he fit into all of this? Funny that you should ask…he is a creative genius in his own right! Many of the projects I have made and will make in the future are inspired by JP. In fact, some are not only inspired by him but he initiates them himself…he draws up the concept, gives it a name, chooses the colors and styles and more. The only part I do is implementation. He approves every step of his projects.

Nothing goes on our Etsy ( if you missed that…) without BOTH of us approving the project first. And, every item is handmade…no copies, no clones, no duplicates. Some projects may be similar to others but they are all unique in their own way.

What about rules? Julie Powell gave herself some ground rules for the Julie/Julia project…I suppose Mom and JP need some rules too!

1. At least one project must be completed per day, or the equivalent. Any missed projects must be made up within one week.
2. No more than a week may pass without a project being completed.
3. Profit from each sold project will pay for one of the following:

  • Mom’s grad school tuition and our move to New York
  • JP’s Lego obsession (ok…mom is Lego obsessed too!)
  • JP’s flying lessons

Thanks for reading, come back often, and don’t forget to check out our shop:


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